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Conference of the Minister of Labor for business people in Ormstown and surrounding areas (August 28, 2023)

We had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Jean Boulet, Minister of

Labour, on Monday, August 28, during the networking event

organized by the Association of Business People

of Ormstown and Surrounding Areas (AGAO+).

Thank you to all our members for their wonderful participation!

We had nearly 80 participants at this event, which took place at the Ormstown Golf Club.

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, for his availability and participation, as well as to Mrs. Carole Mallette, Member of the Huntingdon riding. Mrs. Mallette also serves as the parliamentary assistant to the Minister of Labour and played a significant role in organizing this event.

We would also like to thank the following for their presence:

  • Mrs. Claude De Bellefeuille, Member of the Salaberry-Suroît constituency

  • Mrs. Christine McAleer, Mayor of Ormstown

  • Mr. Yves Métras, Mayor of Franklin

  • Mr. Giovanni Moretti, Mayor of Saint-Anicet

During the event, the minister and our provincial representative highlighted the 50th anniversary of one of our members: the Barrie Memorial Hospital Foundation

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AGA Association des gens d’affaires et des environs (march 2023)

A Strong Start for AGAO+!

On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, the first official session of the

members of the Association of Business People of Ormstown and

Surrounding Areas took place, followed by a networking evening

open to all. Over 40 participants were present during the evening, including:

  • Entrepreneurs from various sectors

  • Citizens wishing to get involved

  • Representatives from various organizations

We also had the pleasure of meeting:

  • Carole Mallette, Member of the Huntingdon riding

  • Rodolphe Demers, political attaché to Mrs. Claude De Bellefeuille, federal Member of Parliament for Beauharnois-Salaberry

  • Suzanne Carrier, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beauharnois, Valleyfield, and Haut-Saint-Laurent

  • Éliane Galipeau, General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beauharnois, Valleyfield, and Haut-Saint-Laurent

At the same time, Carole Mallette, the Member of the Huntingdon riding, presented financial support from the Minister of Finance, Éric Girard, to the board of directors of AGAO+ as a contribution to the establishment of the Association.

During the first part of the evening, in the members-only session, the board of directors was elected as follows:

  • President: Philippe Besombes

  • Vice-President: René Gauthier

  • Secretary and Treasurer: Suzanne Hutchinson

  • Directors: Catherine Paradis, Ken Dolphin, and Chloe Chamandy

The evening concluded with a networking activity, open to all. It was an opportunity for many to meet for the first time and discuss over a buffet provided by the Association.

Stay tuned for developments that will be announced in the coming months.

New members are always welcome; contact us!

Thank you to everyone for making this evening an unforgettable success!

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1st meeting before the founding of the Association

Ormstown Business Owners Unite for a New Association.

More than 40 business owners, entrepreneurs, representatives of

community and nonprofit organizations gathered in the Desjardins

conference room in Haut-Saint-Laurent on November 10, 2022,

for the official launch of the new Ormstown Business Association.

The strong turnout reflects the perceived need within the municipality, first expressed last April when business owners gathered to discuss the challenges facing the local economy and the importance of coming together.


The meeting was led by the founding members, including Philippe Besombes, Suzanne Hutchinson, René Gauthier, and Catherine Paradis, who shared the mission and objectives of the organization: to promote the economic development of Ormstown and the surrounding areas, to support, defend, and promote the interests of business people while improving the quality of life for its citizens, within an acceptable and accessible financial framework.

Mr. Besombes outlined the goals, revealing that the association's main purpose will be to increase the visibility of businesses while representing members at all levels of government. According to him, the group will organize networking activities and develop innovative ways to promote products and services within the community, all while working together to find solutions to common issues such as workforce shortages and uncertainty caused by an impending recession.

The founding members of the new Association of Business People of Ormstown and Surrounding Areas, including Philippe Besombes, René Gauthier, Suzanne Hutchinson, and Catherine Paradis, participated in the official launch on November 10, along with MPs Carole Mallette and Claude De Bellefeuille.

"We want to position Ormstown as the central municipality it has always been," said Mr. Besombes, noting that a membership campaign will soon be launched, allowing individuals to join with an annual fee of $100. He explained that there will be no employees and no means to provide direct services; however, the Association will operate as a referral center to ensure that businesses in the region can get the assistance they need. The group has no political affiliation and will encourage partnerships and collaboration with various organizations, groups, and levels of government.

1er AGAO.jpg

L’AGAO+ is represented at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Beauharnois-Valleyfield-Haut-Saint-Laurent.

Since December 2022, Mr. Philippe Besombes has been serving on the board

of directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of

Beauharnois-Valleyfield-Haut-Saint-Laurent (CCIBSHSL). He represents

AGAO+ (Association of Business People of Ormstown and

Surrounding Areas) to ensure that our voice is heard. An interesting

partnership is being established between us with the goal of positioning and developing business people in Ormstown and the surrounding areas.

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Positionnement de l’AGAO+ sur l’augmentation des taux municipaux à Ormstown (janvier 2023)

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