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History of our Association

The Association of Business People of Ormstown and Surrounding Areas was established in November 2022. Open to businesses in the MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent, it was founded with the belief that unity is strength, and by working together, we can more easily overcome challenges.

Its mission is to promote the economic development of Ormstown and the surrounding municipalities, to support, defend, and promote the interests of its business community while enhancing the quality of life for its citizens, within an acceptable and accessible financial framework. The Association serves as the spokesperson for its members in all matters related to the promotion, defense, and protection of their collective interests.

Our Association aims to improve and promote the Haut-Saint-Laurent, making our region an essential economic engine. To achieve this, we organize various events, such as conferences, networking evenings, and advocacy activities for our members.

The values promoted by the Association include a commitment to both our region and our members, partnership, integrity, and pride.

Our municipalities and businesses in the MRC du Haut Saint-Laurent are assets to defend and support.

The growing number of memberships shows that we are addressing a real need. What are these needs?

  • The need for local, structured, organized economic development that is also respectful of balances such as the environment, the heritage and identity value of our community, and the respect for the needs of the population;

  • Support for our members when they face common issues;

  • Local synergy and networking = importance of the local aspect, as it is our strength as an association.

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